Monday, June 22, 2009

My Father

My Father is truly, truly my SuperHero! I can remember as a small child, my father was in the Air Force, and unlike many Air Force families we were fortunate not to have to travel as much as other families. We were very fortunate to have great base assignments, with the New Hampshire assignment not being one we enjoyed as much. I was pretty small, but I barely remember a few things about being there. When my father and mother were first married, my father was stationed at White Sands New Mexico. He was fortunate enough to become acquainted with two LDS members of the church. Although he never really got into any in depth conversations about the gospel, he was certainly impressed by their demeanor,and the way they represented the church. We were stationed after that in San Antonio, and Waco, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, and then Orlando, Fl. but I think he tried to pattern his life after what he had seen from his friends he had known previously. In 1961, while being stationed in Puerto Rico, my mom befriended a lady named Mary Douglas, who was an inactive member of the church, and after several years they were reassigned to McCoy Air Force Base, in Orlando. Not much later, we also were reassigned to McCoy, and mother and Mary were able to reunite. Mary and her kids were reactivated in the church, and asked to send the missionaries. What a wonder gift to give our family. Although, I was in Texas with Christie visiting my Grandparent's, my parent's were baptised that summer in Fla. In fact upon meeting the missionaries, my father said, "I've been waiting all my life for you to come along!" My folks came to Texas to visit later that summer, and we learned of the gospel at that time. Because Christie and I decided to spend the school year here, She and I were baptised on Sept. 9, 1967 at the 7th St. Chapel. I can say for myself, my life has been so blessed, and I truly don't know where I have landed without it. I owe it all to my Father,had he not been able to meet such good examples of the gospel, had he not been so receptive to the missionaries, and most of all, if he had not had enough Faith to carry me, when at times, I couldn't stand on my own. With the ups and downs I have had in my life, in the past few years, I know his Father's Blessings have at times gotten me off the bathroom floor, or made it possible to sleep through the night, after being up with no sleep for four or five days, or generally helped me be able to make critical decisions when I was on my own. I know his belief in the "Power of the Priesthood." has been such a relief to our whole family, and their are not enough words that can think him for bringing that to our Family.

I Love you , Daddy and hope you have a Great Father's Day


  1. That's True about Tammy as you can see Tammy and Tammy's 6th child is Leslie Meglliis that is her maidan name the reason I say that is because when Leslie's mother was working Leslie was staying over at my house or Tammy's House depending where Tammy was at at the time

  2. Every thing Tammy said about our father is true the reason I say that is because we are sisters for those that don't know. And this thing that Tammy and I decided to stay at our Grandparents to go to school while living with our grandparents the year our parents and our older sister got baptized in the church and Tammy and I got Baptized in the church on September 9,1967 I didn't have a choice on the matter as far as staying at my Grandparents to attend school in the fall of 1967 that was decided for me because as soon as there was a opening at Brown Schoools in San Marcus Texas I went. That was a boarding school for the mentally challanged.